Hostile Interpretations Questionnaire (HIQ)

Authors:            David J. Simourd, Ph.D., & Joelle M. Mamuza, Ph.D.

Purpose:            Assess anger/hostility.

Description: The HIQ is a 28 item assessment instrument designed to measure an individual’s overall level of hostility, the social situations under which this occurs, and the characteristics of their hostility.  It is based on the theory of hostile attribution bias which is the tendency to interpret ambiguous situations in a provocative manner.  The HIQ consists of 7 vignettes with 4 questions per vignette.  Questions are answered using a 5-point response format (e.g., strongly agree to strongly disagree).  The HIQ yields a Total Score and scores to nine Subscales.  Five subscales assess the social context that elicits hostility (Authority, Intimate/Family, Acquaintance, Work, Anonymous) and four subscales assess components of hostility (Overgeneralization, Attribution, Hostile Reaction, External Blame).  All summary scores are plotted on a profile form.  Higher scores on the HIQ indicate greater hostility.

Psychometric Information:  The HIQ currently has normative data among adult inmates, probationers, and college students.  Internal consistency (i.e., Cronbach Alpha) estimates for the Total Score range between .88 and .90, and between .50 and .84 for the subscales.  The HIQ has been validated against other anger assessment instruments and a measure of response bias (i.e., faking).  It is noteworthy that the HIQ is less susceptible to response bias than traditional measures of anger/hostility.

Applications:  The HIQ can be used either for case classification contexts (e.g., intake,  exit, or one-time assessments) and as a measure of treatment performance (e.g., pre-treatment and post-treatment comparisons).




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