We offer useful assessment tools and program development products to criminal justice professionals.


ACES Inc offers training in general correctional topics and specific assessment instruments.  Training in general correctional topics includes contemporary correctional practice (i.e., ‘what works’), and offender assessment and treatment issues.  Specific assessment instrument training is available for broad based risk/need assessment instruments (e.g., Level of Service Inventory-Revised; LSI-R; Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory; YLS/CMI; Offender Screening Tool; OST) and specialized assessment instruments (e.g., criminal attitudes, hostility, response bias, etc.).

Quality Assurance

It is not uncommon for competent and appropriate use of assessment instruments and delivery of rehabilitation programs to decrease over time.  Quality assurance is the bridge between initial training and field application and is designed to limit such “slippage”.  ACES Inc. offers two types of quality assurance services:

LSI-R Internet Based Quality Assurance

The LSI-R is one of the most widely used offender risk/needs assessment instruments.  Considerable rater judgment is required in completing the LSI-R accurately.  The LSI-R Internet Based Quality Assurance offered by ACES Inc. is designed to provide an efficient, economical and accurate method of quality assurance in the use of the LSI-R.  User’s obtain a personal login account and receive a series of LSI-R quality assurance video-taped interviews provided by ACES Inc.  User’s view the interview and enter their scores on an electronic LSI-R data sheet, which is automatically scored.

On-site Training

This involves on-site consultation, focus group meetings/ education designed to enhance existing services provided by the host agency.  The precise training is tailored to the needs of the client.

Research/Program Development and Evaluation

ACES Inc. offers statistical evaluation studies on various topics including assessment instrument validation (“norming”) and program evaluations (both process and outcome evaluations).  The complexity of evaluations are specifically tailored to the needs and resources of the client.

Technical Assistance

ACES Inc. believes satisfaction is achieved when products and services are utilized appropriately.  We are enthusiastic about offering technical assistance and encourage clients to contact us with any questions concerning our products and services.  We aim to respond to email or telephone calls within two business days.

We believe satisfaction is achieved when products are appropriately utilized.  As such, we are enthusiastic about offering technical assistance on products and services.  We encourage users to contact us with any questions concerning the administration, scoring, interpretation, or application of ACES products.