David J. Simourd, Ph.D.:  President

Dr. David Simourd received his Ph.D. in psychology from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada in 1992.  He has a strong blend of experience as a consultant/trainer, clinician, and researcher.

As a Professional Consultant/Trainer

As a consultant/trainer, Dr. David Simourd has conducted numerous workshops and offered consultation on offender assessment and treatment to various criminal justice agencies throughout North America, the Caribbean, and South Asia.  He is qualified as an Expert Trainer in the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) by the test publisher.

As a Licensed Psychologist, Clinician

Dr. David Simourd has considerable clinical experience as a licensed Psychologist.  He worked for nine years as a psychologist in a medium security correctional institution of the Correctional Service of Canada.  For two years he was the Clinical Director of the Forensic Program of the Providence Continuing Care Center, a psychiatric hospital.  At the present time he operates a private practice in psychology in which he is involved in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have contact with the criminal justice system.

As a Researcher

As a researcher, Dr. David Simourd has been actively involved in scientific studies on the assessment and treatment of offenders.  He has developed and evaluated several relevant assessment instruments and treatment programs.  He has published several research articles in peer reviewed journals and made numerous presentations at professional conferences on these topics.



Linda A. Simourd, Ph.D.:  Vice-President

linda-aces-incDr. Linda Simourd received her Ph.D. in psychology from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada in 1997.

A Licensed Psychologist, Clinician & Program Evaluation Project Professional

She has considerable clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of offenders.  She has served as a Psychologist in both private practice and for the Correctional Service of Canada.  Her particular areas of interest include: gender issues and correctional staff attitudes.  In addition to her clinical experience Dr. Linda Simourd has considerable experience and skill in program evaluation projects of various content.