Domestic Violence Supplemental Assessment Factors (DVSAF)

Author: David J. Simourd, Ph.D.

Purpose: Aid in the assessment of domestic violence potential.

Description: The intent of the DVSAF is to ensure relevant information is not overlooked in the assessment of offenders who may have a domestic violence propensity. The DVSAF is a checklist style instrument consisting of 7 items that reflect factors that have emerged in the domestic violence literature as being linked to domestic misbehavior. Each item is scored in a present vs. absent manner (i.e., “1” – risk factor is present or “0” – risk factor is absent) with items being summed to a DVSAF Total Score. Higher scores indicate greater domestic violence potential.

Psychometric Information: No normative data are available on the DVSAF at this time. However, data are currently being collected within the context of psychological assessments of domestic violence offenders.

Applications: The DVSAF can be used as a supplement to existing assessment protocols of individuals with a domestic violence potential. The primary application would be for case classification purposed (e.g., intake, exit, or one-time assessments)